Why Is Maxie on General Hospital Gaining Weight 2021

Why Is Maxie on General Hospital Gaining Weight in 2021?

General Hospital, one of the longest-running soap operas on television, has captivated audiences with its dramatic storylines and beloved characters for decades. One character who has recently caught the attention of viewers is Maxie Jones, portrayed by actress Kirsten Storms. Fans have noticed that Maxie appears to have gained weight in 2021, leading to speculation and curiosity about the reasons behind this physical transformation. In this article, we will delve into the possible causes of Maxie’s weight gain and address some of the frequently asked questions surrounding this topic.

Possible Reasons for Maxie’s Weight Gain:

1. Real-life Pregnancy: One of the most common reasons for a character’s weight gain on a soap opera is when the actress portraying the character is pregnant. Kirsten Storms, who has been playing Maxie since 2005, announced her real-life pregnancy in August 2020. As the production of General Hospital continued during the COVID-19 pandemic, the show’s writers incorporated Storms’ pregnancy into the storyline, allowing Maxie to also become pregnant. Therefore, it is likely that Maxie’s weight gain is a result of her character’s pregnancy arc.

2. Character Development: Soap operas often use physical changes in characters to reflect their emotional journey or personal growth. Maxie has gone through numerous ups and downs in her life, including a tumultuous love life and the loss of loved ones. It is possible that her weight gain is a deliberate choice by the show’s writers to highlight Maxie’s current state of mind or to showcase her resilience in overcoming obstacles. This type of character development adds depth and relatability to the storyline.

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3. Health-related Storyline: Soap operas often tackle real-life issues and health conditions to raise awareness among viewers. Maxie might be gaining weight as part of a storyline that addresses a health concern, such as a hormonal imbalance or a side effect of medication. By exploring such topics, General Hospital can shed light on important health issues and encourage viewers to seek appropriate medical help if they identify with similar symptoms.


Q: Is Kirsten Storms gaining weight in real life?
A: Yes, Kirsten Storms, the actress who plays Maxie Jones, announced her pregnancy in August 2020. Therefore, her weight gain is genuine and not just a part of the character’s storyline.

Q: Will Maxie’s weight gain impact her character’s storyline?
A: It is highly likely that Maxie’s weight gain will have a significant impact on her character’s storyline. Soap operas often incorporate real-life events, such as an actress’s pregnancy, into the narrative, allowing the character to experience a similar journey.

Q: How long will Maxie’s pregnancy storyline last?
A: Soap opera storylines can vary in duration, but typically a pregnancy arc lasts for several months. However, the exact length of Maxie’s pregnancy storyline on General Hospital has not been disclosed.

Q: Will Maxie’s weight gain be addressed in the storyline?
A: Soap operas often address physical changes in characters, either through dialogue or subtle acknowledgment. It is likely that General Hospital will incorporate Maxie’s weight gain into the storyline, either as a plot point or as a reflection of her character’s emotional state.

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In conclusion, Maxie’s weight gain on General Hospital in 2021 is most likely due to Kirsten Storms’ real-life pregnancy, which has been incorporated into the character’s storyline. Soap operas often use physical changes to reflect character development and address relevant health issues. As viewers continue to follow Maxie’s journey, it will be interesting to see how her weight gain contributes to the unfolding storyline and the overall impact it has on her character.


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