What Weight Bowling Ball Do Pros Use

What Weight Bowling Ball Do Pros Use?

Bowling is a popular sport enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Professional bowlers, however, take the game to a whole new level with their exceptional talent and precision. One of the key factors that contribute to their success is the weight of the bowling ball they use. In this article, we will explore what weight bowling ball professionals use and why it matters.

The weight of a bowling ball plays a crucial role in a bowler’s performance. It affects the way the ball is handled, released, and ultimately how it interacts with the pins. Professional bowlers understand this and carefully choose a ball weight that suits their playing style and maximizes their potential.

On average, professionals tend to use heavier bowling balls compared to casual or recreational bowlers. The weight range commonly preferred by pros falls between 14 to 16 pounds. This weight range offers several advantages, including better pin carry, increased pin action, and improved control over the ball’s trajectory.

Heavier balls generate more kinetic energy, making them more effective at knocking down pins. They have greater hitting power and are less likely to deflect upon impact. This allows professionals to consistently achieve high scores and increase their chances of striking.

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Furthermore, heavier bowling balls offer better pin action. As they hit the pins with more force, they create a greater pin scatter, increasing the chances of knocking down multiple pins with a single shot. This is particularly important in professional tournaments where every pin counts.

Control is another crucial aspect for professionals, and a heavier ball provides better control. The additional weight allows them to generate a more consistent and accurate release. It enhances their ability to maintain a stable grip and reduces the chances of the ball slipping or spinning off course.

Despite the general preference for heavier balls, it’s important to note that weight selection varies from bowler to bowler. Some professionals may opt for slightly lighter balls, around 13 to 14 pounds, if it complements their style of play. Ultimately, the ideal weight for a professional bowler depends on their individual technique, strength, and personal preference.


Q: Can beginners use the same weight bowling balls as professionals?
A: It is not recommended for beginners to use the same weight bowling balls as professionals. Beginners should start with lighter weights, around 10 to 12 pounds, to develop proper form, technique, and strength. As their skills progress, they can gradually increase the weight of their bowling balls.

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Q: Are there any disadvantages to using a heavier bowling ball?
A: While heavier bowling balls offer several advantages, they also require more physical strength and can cause fatigue over prolonged use. It’s important for bowlers to find a weight that they can comfortably handle without sacrificing control or accuracy.

Q: How can I determine the right weight for my bowling ball?
A: The best way to determine the right weight for your bowling ball is to try different weights and see which one feels most comfortable and allows you to maintain control. Consult with a professional or visit a bowling pro shop for guidance and assistance in selecting the appropriate weight for your skill level and playing style.

In conclusion, professional bowlers typically use bowling balls ranging from 14 to 16 pounds. The weight of the ball directly affects their performance, providing better pin carry, increased pin action, and improved control. However, the ideal weight varies among individuals, and beginners should start with lighter weights before gradually progressing to heavier ones. Choosing the right weight bowling ball is crucial for enhancing your game and maximizing your potential on the lanes.


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