What Shoes Were Popular in the 1920s

Title: What Shoes Were Popular in the 1920s: A Fashionable Journey


The fashion landscape of the 1920s was marked by a significant departure from the restrictive styles of the past. This era, commonly known as the Roaring Twenties, witnessed a transformative shift in societal norms, including fashion choices. Shoes played a crucial role in this fashion revolution, reflecting the newfound freedom and rebellion of the time. In this article, we will explore the popular shoe styles of the 1920s, their significance, and why understanding this footwear choice may be of concern in various scenarios.

Scenarios where knowledge of 1920s shoe fashion matters:

1. Costume designers: When creating period-specific costumes for plays, movies, or themed events set in the 1920s, understanding the popular shoe styles of the era is essential to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

2. Vintage fashion enthusiasts: For those who love incorporating elements of the past into their wardrobe, knowing the popular shoe styles of the 1920s can help create a genuine vintage look.

3. Historical researchers: Scholars and historians studying the cultural and social aspects of the 1920s can gain valuable insights by examining the footwear trends of the time.

4. Fashion designers: Inspiration from past trends often fuels the creations of contemporary designers. Understanding the popular shoe styles of the 1920s can add a unique touch to modern fashion designs.

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5. Collectors: Vintage shoe collectors seeking to expand their repertoire or accurately date their collection should have a comprehensive knowledge of 1920s shoe fashion.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. What were some popular shoe styles for women in the 1920s?
– T-strap Mary Janes, Oxford shoes, and low-heeled pumps were popular choices for women.

2. Were flats popular during this time?
– Yes, flats gained popularity in the 1920s as women sought comfort and practicality in their footwear.

3. Did men’s shoe styles change significantly in the 1920s?
– Men’s shoe styles evolved to include more casual options, such as two-tone brogues and saddle shoes.

4. Were high heels popular during this era?
– While high heels were still worn, the trend shifted towards lower, more comfortable heels in the 1920s.

5. What were some common materials used for shoes in the 1920s?
– Leather, suede, and fabric were commonly used materials for both men’s and women’s shoes.

6. Did men wear boots in the 1920s?
– Boots were generally reserved for specific occasions or practical purposes, such as work or outdoor activities.

7. Were there any specific shoe styles associated with the Charleston dance?
– During the Charleston dance era, women often wore Mary Jane shoes with a T-strap, allowing for ease of movement.

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8. Were there any iconic shoe designers of the 1920s?
– Salvatore Ferragamo and André Perugia were renowned shoe designers who gained prominence during this era.

9. Did men wear colorful shoes?
– While men’s shoes were predominantly brown or black, two-tone shoes featuring contrasting colors were popular.

10. Were women’s shoe styles influenced by men’s fashion?
– Yes, women’s shoe styles in the 1920s were influenced by the growing trend of gender-neutral fashion, adopting elements of men’s footwear.

11. How did the economic situation of the 1920s impact shoe fashion?
– The economic prosperity of the 1920s allowed for an increase in diverse shoe styles, with more affordable options becoming accessible to a wider audience.

12. Did the popularity of shoes change throughout the decade?
– Yes, as the 1920s progressed, shoe styles became more varied, reflecting the growing influence of Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements.

13. Are any 1920s shoe styles still popular today?
– Some shoe styles that gained popularity in the 1920s, such as Oxford shoes and T-strap Mary Janes, continue to be worn today, showcasing their timeless appeal.


Understanding the popular shoe styles of the 1920s is not only essential for historical accuracy and research but also for costume designers, vintage fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers, collectors, and anyone seeking to incorporate the spirit of the Roaring Twenties into their wardrobe. By delving into the shoe fashion of this era, we can appreciate the significant role footwear played in shaping the fashion landscape of the 1920s.

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