What Is Hickok45 Real Name

Title: Unveiling the Man Behind the Legend: What Is Hickok45’s Real Name?


Hickok45 is a prominent figure in the firearms community, known for his informative and entertaining videos on YouTube. His vast knowledge, charismatic personality, and unparalleled shooting skills have earned him a massive following. However, many fans are curious about the man behind the pseudonym. What is Hickok45’s real name? In this article, we will reveal his real name and present you with five interesting facts about this internet sensation. Additionally, we will address some common questions surrounding his personal life and provide the answers you seek.

1. Hickok45’s Real Name:

Hickok45’s real name is Greg Kinman. He adopted the pseudonym as an homage to Wild Bill Hickok, a legendary figure in American history renowned for his skills as a gunslinger.

Five Interesting Facts about Hickok45:

1. Passionate Educator: Greg Kinman, aka Hickok45, was a high school English teacher before his YouTube channel gained immense popularity. His passion for teaching and sharing knowledge is evident in his detailed explanations and demonstrations in his videos.

2. Family Involvement: Greg frequently collaborates with his son, John, on his channel. Known as “Big John,” he shares his father’s passion for firearms and often joins him in shooting sessions and reviews.

3. Military Background: Hickok45 served in the United States Marine Corps, which undoubtedly contributed to his extensive firearms knowledge. His military experience adds a unique perspective to his content, allowing him to approach guns from both a civilian and military standpoint.

4. Impressive Shooting Range: Hickok45’s shooting range, where most of his videos are filmed, is located on his private property in Tennessee. The range covers an impressive distance of 200 yards and features various setups, enabling him to showcase a wide range of firearms effectively.

5. Books and Articles: Apart from his YouTube channel, Hickok45 has written several articles for various firearm magazines, sharing his expertise and insights. He has also authored a book titled “Hickok45’s Big Book of Gun Gobbledygook: A Collection of Gun Stuff from Hickok45.”

Common Questions and Answers:

1. How old is Hickok45?
Greg Kinman, aka Hickok45, was born on May 22, 1950, making him 71 years old (as of 2021).

2. What is Hickok45’s height and weight?
While exact figures are not publicly available, Hickok45 stands at an estimated height of around 6 feet tall and maintains a healthy weight.

3. Is Hickok45 married?
Yes, Hickok45 is married. However, details about his spouse and personal life remain private, as he prefers to keep them separate from his online presence.

4. Does Hickok45 have children?
Yes, Hickok45 has a son named John, whom he frequently collaborates with on his YouTube channel.

5. Does Hickok45 own all the firearms he showcases?
Yes, Hickok45 owns the firearms featured in his videos. He emphasizes responsible gun ownership and ensures that all safety measures are followed during his demonstrations.

6. How did Hickok45 gain popularity?
Hickok45’s popularity soared due to his clear and concise explanations, extensive knowledge, and engaging presentation style in his YouTube videos. People found his content both educational and entertaining.

7. Does Hickok45 have any affiliations with firearm manufacturers?
Hickok45 maintains that he does not receive payment or sponsorship from any firearm manufacturers. He prides himself on providing unbiased reviews and demonstrations.

8. Where does Hickok45 get his firearms from?
Hickok45’s collection consists of firearms acquired over many years. He occasionally purchases new firearms to review but also relies on firearms lent to him by manufacturers or borrowed from friends.

9. How many subscribers does Hickok45 have on YouTube?
As of writing, Hickok45’s YouTube channel boasts an impressive subscriber count of over 5 million.

10. Does Hickok45 have a favorite firearm?
Hickok45 has expressed his fondness for a variety of firearms over the years, making it difficult to pinpoint a single favorite. However, he often speaks highly of iconic weapons such as the Glock 19, the 1911, and lever-action rifles.

11. Has Hickok45 ever had any firearm accidents?
Throughout his long YouTube career, Hickok45 has maintained a commendable safety record. He prioritizes safety and educates his viewers on responsible firearms handling.

12. Does Hickok45 support any specific gun control measures?
Hickok45 prefers to remain neutral on political matters and focuses solely on educating viewers about firearms. He believes that responsible gun ownership and proper training are crucial.

13. Does Hickok45 offer any firearms training or classes?
While Hickok45 does not provide formal firearms training or classes, his YouTube videos serve as a valuable resource for firearm enthusiasts of all levels.

14. What are Hickok45’s future plans for his channel?
Hickok45 plans to continue producing videos, sharing his knowledge, and entertaining his audience. He aims to keep his content fresh and engaging while remaining true to his educational roots.

Greg Kinman, better known as Hickok45, is an influential figure in the firearms community, renowned for his informative and entertaining YouTube videos. While he prefers to keep his personal life private, his dedication to educating viewers about firearms is undeniable. Armed with his real name and armed with interesting facts, fans can continue to appreciate and learn from his content, knowing a little more about the man behind the camera.


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