What Gym Have a Sauna

What Gyms Have a Sauna?

When it comes to hitting the gym, one of the additional amenities that many fitness enthusiasts look forward to is a sauna. A sauna is a small room or space that is heated to high temperatures, typically using a stove or heater. It provides a relaxing and therapeutic experience that can help soothe sore muscles, detoxify the body, and promote overall well-being. However, not all gyms offer this feature. In this article, we will explore the gyms that have saunas and answer some frequently asked questions related to this topic.

1. Equinox: Equinox is a popular chain of high-end fitness clubs that offers a luxurious experience to its members. Many Equinox locations are equipped with saunas, allowing members to relax and unwind after a challenging workout session.

2. LA Fitness: LA Fitness is a widely recognized gym chain with numerous locations across the United States. While not all LA Fitness clubs have saunas, many of their larger locations do offer this amenity. It is recommended to check with your local LA Fitness facility to inquire about sauna availability.

3. Gold’s Gym: Gold’s Gym is another well-known fitness center that has saunas in select locations. Known for its diverse range of equipment and fitness classes, Gold’s Gym provides members with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a sauna post-workout.

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4. YMCA: The YMCA is a community-based organization that focuses on promoting health and well-being for all. Many YMCA locations have saunas available for members to use. This makes it a great option for those looking for a gym that offers a sauna with a community-oriented atmosphere.

5. Anytime Fitness: Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour gym chain that aims to provide convenience and accessibility to its members. While not all Anytime Fitness clubs have saunas, some locations do offer this feature. It is advisable to contact your local Anytime Fitness club to check if they have a sauna.


Q: Are saunas beneficial for post-workout recovery?
A: Yes, saunas can be highly beneficial for post-workout recovery. They help relax muscles, increase blood circulation, and promote the removal of toxins from the body. This can aid in reducing muscle soreness and enhancing overall recovery.

Q: Can I use the sauna if I have certain medical conditions?
A: It is essential to consult with your healthcare provider before using a sauna if you have any medical conditions. Saunas can have varying effects on individuals, and it is crucial to ensure that it is safe for you given your specific health circumstances.

Q: How long should I stay in a sauna?
A: The duration of sauna sessions can vary depending on personal comfort and tolerance. However, it is generally recommended to start with shorter sessions of around 10-15 minutes and gradually increase the time as you become accustomed to the heat.

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Q: What should I bring to the sauna?
A: It is advisable to bring a towel to sit or lie on in the sauna to prevent direct contact with the hot surfaces. Additionally, it is essential to stay hydrated, so carrying a water bottle is recommended.

In conclusion, several gyms offer saunas as an added amenity for their members. Whether you are looking for a high-end fitness club or a community-based organization, there are options available to suit your preferences. Remember to consult with your local gym to confirm sauna availability and any specific guidelines or restrictions for usage.