What Color Goes With Dark Blue Shorts

What Color Goes With Dark Blue Shorts: A Guide to Styling Options

Dark blue shorts are a versatile and timeless wardrobe staple that can be effortlessly styled for various occasions. Finding the right colors to pair with dark blue shorts can enhance your overall look and make a fashion statement. In this article, we will explore five scenarios where color coordination with dark blue shorts is essential, and provide you with 13 commonly asked questions and answers to help you style your outfits with confidence.


1. Casual Outings:
Dark blue shorts are perfect for casual outings such as weekend brunches or relaxed gatherings. Pair them with a white t-shirt for a classic and clean look. Add a pop of color with accessories like a red belt or sneakers for a playful touch.

2. Beach or Pool Days:
When it comes to beach or pool days, dark blue shorts can be easily paired with vibrant colors. Opt for a bright yellow or coral-colored tank top for a refreshing summer look. Don’t forget to grab your favorite pair of flip-flops to complete the beach-ready ensemble.

3. Office or Business Casual:
If you want to incorporate dark blue shorts into your office or business casual attire, opt for a polished look. Pair them with a crisp white button-down shirt and a navy blazer for a sophisticated and professional appearance. Brown loafers or oxfords will complement the outfit nicely.

4. Sporting Events:
When attending sporting events, you can show your team spirit by pairing your dark blue shorts with a jersey or t-shirt in the team’s colors. This creates a cohesive and supportive look. Complete the outfit with sneakers in a complementary color.

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5. Evening Occasions:
For evening occasions, dark blue shorts can be dressed up with the right pieces. Pair them with a black or white dress shirt and add a tailored blazer for a sophisticated touch. Finish the outfit with black or brown leather shoes to achieve a polished appearance.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Can I wear dark blue shorts with a black top?
Yes, pairing dark blue shorts with a black top can create a sleek and stylish look. Add accessories in silver or gold tones to elevate the ensemble.

2. What colors can I wear with dark blue shorts for a monochromatic look?
For a monochromatic look, opt for different shades of blue such as light blue or navy. This creates a cohesive and visually appealing outfit.

3. Can dark blue shorts be worn with pastel colors?
Absolutely! Dark blue shorts can be paired with pastel colors like mint green, light pink, or lavender for a soft and feminine look.

4. What colors should I avoid pairing with dark blue shorts?
Avoid pairing dark blue shorts with colors that clash, such as bright orange or neon green. These combinations can be visually jarring.

5. Can I wear dark blue shorts with patterns?
Yes, dark blue shorts work well with various patterns. Consider pairing them with a striped or floral top for a fun and playful outfit.

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6. What footwear options go well with dark blue shorts?
Dark blue shorts can be paired with a wide range of footwear options. Sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, and even sandals can complement the shorts depending on the occasion and style you desire.

7. Can I wear dark blue shorts with a graphic t-shirt?
Yes, dark blue shorts can be styled with a graphic t-shirt for a casual and laid-back look. Choose a graphic that complements the color of the shorts.

8. Can I wear dark blue shorts with white sneakers?
Absolutely! Dark blue shorts and white sneakers create a classic and clean look that is suitable for various casual occasions.

9. What accessories can I pair with dark blue shorts?
You can accessorize dark blue shorts with belts, watches, sunglasses, hats, or even statement jewelry. Choose accessories that complement the overall color scheme of your outfit.

10. Can I wear dark blue shorts with a denim jacket?
Yes, dark blue shorts can be paired with a denim jacket for a trendy and relaxed look. Opt for a lighter wash denim jacket to create contrast.

11. Can I wear dark blue shorts with a patterned shirt?
Certainly! Dark blue shorts can be paired with a patterned shirt for a bold and stylish outfit. Just ensure that the colors in the pattern complement the shorts.

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12. Can I wear dark blue shorts with a blazer?
Yes, dark blue shorts can be elevated with a blazer for a more formal or sophisticated look. Opt for a blazer in a complementary color such as navy or gray.

13. Can dark blue shorts be worn during the winter season?
Yes, you can wear dark blue shorts during the winter season by layering them with tights or leggings and pairing them with sweaters or cardigans. Add boots to complete the winter-ready ensemble.

In conclusion, dark blue shorts offer a multitude of styling options for various scenarios. Whether you’re going for a casual outing, attending a sporting event, or aiming for a more formal look, there are plenty of colors and combinations that can complement your dark blue shorts. By following the suggested scenarios and answering common questions, you can confidently create fashionable and versatile outfits that showcase your personal style.


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