Best Neutral Running Shoes

There are basically two types of running shoes-stability and neutral. Neutral shoes are for those who have a normal, straight running gait. I made a separate post on stability shoes if those are what you need! I’ve also written about how to find deals for cheap running shoes! If you don’t know which type of

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Safety Products for Runners

As a runner, and especially a female runner, it’s important to be cautious when running. Sadly, there are too many stories out there of someone being attacked while out for a run. We can’t live in fear and forever run on the treadmill, unless that’s just what you prefer anyway. Here are a few things

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Race Day Fuel

In summer of 2017, when I was running for 30 minutes at a time, I remember walking around REI. Seeing the hydration packs, fuel belts, running watches, salt tabs and running gels, I decided that one day I would run distances that would require all this extra gear. When I had my first long run

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Race Gear Check List

So, you’re preparing to run your first race! Or maybe you’ve ran races before but just want to check what other runners say they use (I’m always reading running blogs just to see what they do differently, or the same as me). Here’s a basic list of what you’ll need to have! (Applies mainly for

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