Star Citizen How to Retract Landing Gear

Star Citizen is a highly immersive and expansive space simulation game that allows players to explore a vast universe. One crucial aspect of the game is the ability to retract landing gear, which is essential for smooth and safe travel. In this article, we will dive into the mechanics of retracting landing gear and explore five scenarios where this feature becomes a concern. Additionally, we will provide answers to 13 common questions regarding this topic.

Retracting landing gear is an integral part of piloting a spaceship in Star Citizen. As players navigate through various environments, they must be able to retract their landing gear to optimize their ship’s performance and maneuverability. Here are five scenarios where understanding how to retract landing gear becomes critical:

1. Atmospheric Entry: When entering a planet’s atmosphere, it is crucial to retract landing gear to minimize drag and increase speed. Failure to do so may result in slower descent, making players vulnerable to enemy attacks or atmospheric turbulence.

2. Dogfights: During intense dogfights, agility is key. By retracting landing gear, players can enhance their ship’s maneuverability, allowing for quick evasive actions and more precise targeting.

3. Landing on Asteroids: In Star Citizen, players may need to land on asteroids for mining or exploration purposes. Retracting landing gear in this scenario is essential to avoid collisions and ensure a secure landing.

4. Landing on Capital Ships: Capital ships often have limited landing space, requiring players to retract their landing gear to fit into designated areas. Failure to do so may result in damage to the player’s ship or the capital ship itself.

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5. Deep Space Travel: Retracting landing gear during long-distance space travel reduces drag, improves fuel efficiency, and enhances overall ship performance. This is especially crucial when traversing vast distances where every fuel unit counts.

Now, let’s address some common questions players may have regarding the mechanics of retracting landing gear in Star Citizen:

Q1: How do I retract my landing gear?
A1: The default key binding for retracting landing gear in Star Citizen is “N.” Pressing this key will activate or deactivate your ship’s landing gear.

Q2: Can I retract landing gear while in flight?
A2: Yes, you can retract your landing gear at any time during flight. However, keep in mind that retracting landing gear at high speeds may cause damage to your ship.

Q3: Can I land with my landing gear retracted?
A3: No, landing with your landing gear retracted will result in a crash. Always ensure your landing gear is deployed before attempting to land.

Q4: Can I manually extend and retract my landing gear?
A4: Yes, you can manually extend and retract your landing gear using the corresponding key binding or through the ship’s interface.

Q5: What happens if I forget to retract my landing gear after takeoff?
A5: Forgetting to retract your landing gear after takeoff will increase drag, decrease speed, and consume more fuel, resulting in reduced efficiency.

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Q6: Can I customize the key binding for landing gear retraction?
A6: Yes, Star Citizen allows players to customize key bindings according to their preferences. You can assign the landing gear retraction function to a different key if desired.

Q7: Will retracting the landing gear affect my ship’s stability?
A7: Retracting landing gear generally improves ship stability by reducing drag. However, it may also slightly increase sensitivity to turbulence and control input.

Q8: Are there any penalties for retracting landing gear?
A8: No, there are no penalties for retracting landing gear. It is a standard practice that enhances ship performance and maneuverability.

Q9: Can I retract landing gear while landed on a planet’s surface?
A9: No, you cannot retract your landing gear while landed on a planet’s surface. The landing gear should only be retracted when in flight.

Q10: Can I retract landing gear in all ship models?
A10: Most ship models in Star Citizen have retractable landing gear. However, some smaller ships, such as snub fighters or ground vehicles, may not have this feature.

Q11: Can I manually extend my landing gear if it fails to retract?
A11: Yes, in the event of a landing gear malfunction, players can manually extend their landing gear through the ship’s interface or by using the relevant key binding.

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Q12: Can I deploy weapons while my landing gear is retracted?
A12: Yes, you can deploy and use weapons even when your landing gear is retracted. However, keep in mind that landing gear retraction may affect your ship’s stability and accuracy.

Q13: Can I land on a landing pad with my landing gear retracted?
A13: No, landing pads require your landing gear to be deployed for a safe landing. Attempting to land without deploying your landing gear will result in a crash.

In conclusion, retracting landing gear is a crucial skill in Star Citizen that enhances ship performance and maneuverability. By understanding the scenarios where this feature becomes a concern and having answers to common questions, players can pilot their spaceships with confidence, ensuring a smooth and safe journey throughout the vast universe of Star Citizen.


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