Running Shirts With Motivational & Funny Sayings

Gift-buying can be a stressful and tedious process, especially when buying for adults. Lots of us buy ourselves the things we want or have a tough time being put on the spot about gifts we’d like to receive.

If you’re buying for someone who enjoys jogging, running, or competing in marathon races and events, look no further!

There is a wide range of fun and motivational running shirts that can be found on Amazon. When competing in marathons and other events, it’s all about having fun. Dressing up in unique clothes can help boost everyone’s morale, as well as help you stand out in those awkward event photos. Running with a silly look on your face? That’s okay, there’s a Raptor on your shirt!

This is a popular style of exercise shirt because the words can only be read once you’ve sweat through the fabric. You’d have to be inspired to get a good workout in with this shirt:

This is my fat crying

Here is a great motivational shirt for the ladies:

I could deaflift you

This is a perfect shirt for anyone who genuinely enjoys running:

I’d rather be running

Here we have a funny shirt, meant for anyone who intends to cross that finish line no matter the circumstances:

If found on ground, please drag over finish line

This is a silly and realistic shirt for most of us:


Here is another comical – and relatable – tee:
I’m into fitness… fitnesse whole taco in my mouth

A great motivational shirt for the ladies in your life that love fitness!

I run like a girl, try and keep up

Here’s that Raptor shirt I mentioned earlier:

Running from Raptor

Another option for the foodie runner:

Already planning what I’m going to eat after this

A tee for the foul-mouthed runner:

I won’t quit but I’ll cuss the whole time

Check out Amazon for more options like these!


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