Niki And Gabi Weight

Title: Niki and Gabi Weight: Unveiling the Journey of the YouTube Sensations


Niki and Gabi DeMartino, the identical twin sisters who rose to fame on YouTube, have garnered a massive following with their fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. Among the topics that have piqued their audience’s interest is their weight journey. In this article, we will explore the weight-related facts about Niki and Gabi, shedding light on their transformation and addressing common questions their fans often ask.

1. Niki DeMartino’s Weight Journey:
Niki DeMartino, born on May 5, 1995, stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Over the years, Niki has been open about her weight struggles, sharing her journey with her fans. She has publicly revealed that she went through a period of unhealthy eating habits and body image issues. However, through determination and embracing a healthier lifestyle, Niki has successfully overcome these challenges and now promotes body positivity.

2. Gabi DeMartino’s Weight Journey:
Gabi DeMartino, born on May 5, 1995, shares the same height as her twin sister, Niki. Similarly, Gabi has been transparent about her weight journey, discussing her physical and mental health struggles on her YouTube channel. Gabi has emphasized the importance of self-love and acceptance, encouraging her followers to embrace their bodies and focus on overall well-being.

3. Weight Transformation:
Both Niki and Gabi have undergone inspiring transformations, prioritizing their health and well-being. They have dedicated themselves to regular exercise routines and have adopted healthier eating habits. Through their journey, they have highlighted the significance of balance, emphasizing that weight loss should never be the sole focus but rather an overall pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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4. Body Positivity Advocacy:
Niki and Gabi are strong proponents of body positivity and frequently discuss the importance of self-acceptance. They have been vocal about their own struggles with body image, striving to create a safe space for their viewers to embrace their bodies and feel confident. Their journey serves as an inspiration to many who battle with similar issues.

5. Common Questions and Answers:

Q1: Are Niki and Gabi married?
A1: As of now, neither Niki nor Gabi is married. They are focused on their careers and personal growth.

Q2: Are Niki and Gabi dating anyone?
A2: Both Niki and Gabi have been open about their relationships. At present, Niki is dating Nate West, while Gabi is in a relationship with Collin Vogt.

Q3: How much weight have Niki and Gabi lost?
A3: The exact weight loss figures of Niki and Gabi are not publicly disclosed. However, their focus has always been on healthy living rather than specific numbers.

Q4: Do Niki and Gabi follow specific diets?
A4: Niki and Gabi have not explicitly mentioned following any specific diets. However, they prioritize balanced eating and have shared their favorite healthy recipes and food choices with their audience.

Q5: What exercises do Niki and Gabi do?
A5: Niki and Gabi engage in various exercises to stay fit. Their routines include strength training, cardio sessions, and Pilates.

Q6: How have Niki and Gabi overcome body image issues?
A6: Niki and Gabi have worked on their self-confidence through therapy, self-reflection, and surrounding themselves with positive influences. They have also cultivated a strong support system by engaging with their fans.

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Q7: Have Niki and Gabi ever had plastic surgery?
A7: Niki and Gabi have not confirmed any plastic surgery procedures. They embrace their natural beauty and encourage others to do the same.

Q8: What advice do Niki and Gabi give to those struggling with body image?
A8: Niki and Gabi stress the importance of self-love, emphasizing that everyone’s journey is unique. They encourage their followers to focus on their overall well-being rather than striving for a specific body type.

Q9: What are Niki and Gabi’s tips for embracing a healthier lifestyle?
A9: Niki and Gabi recommend incorporating regular exercise, balanced eating habits, and self-care activities into daily routines. They also encourage their viewers to seek professional help if needed.

Q10: How do Niki and Gabi handle negative comments about their weight or appearance?
A10: Niki and Gabi have developed a strong sense of self-confidence and resilience. They advise their followers not to let negativity affect them and to focus on surrounding themselves with positive influences.

Q11: What is Niki and Gabi’s approach towards cheat meals?
A11: Niki and Gabi believe in balance and enjoy indulging in their favorite treats occasionally while maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.

Q12: Do Niki and Gabi have any weight loss or fitness programs?
A12: As of now, Niki and Gabi do not have any official weight loss or fitness programs. However, they do share their experiences and tips through their YouTube channels.

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Q13: How do Niki and Gabi motivate themselves to stay on track with their fitness goals?
A13: Niki and Gabi find motivation in inspiring their viewers and feeling confident in their bodies. They also surround themselves with positive influences and set realistic goals.

Q14: Do Niki and Gabi believe in body positivity for all body types?
A14: Absolutely. Niki and Gabi advocate body positivity for all body types, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and embracing one’s unique beauty.


Niki and Gabi DeMartino’s weight journeys serve as a testament to their dedication towards self-improvement and promoting body positivity. Through their transparency and willingness to share their experiences, they have inspired countless individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle and focus on self-acceptance. Niki and Gabi’s journey continues to resonate with their audience, empowering them to prioritize their well-being above societal standards.


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