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Machine Gun Kelly, also known by his birth name Colson Baker, is an American rapper, singer, and actor who has gained significant popularity in recent years. Alongside his remarkable career, fans have taken an interest in his physical appearance, including his weight. In this article, we will delve into Machine Gun Kelly’s weight, along with some interesting facts about him.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Weight:
Machine Gun Kelly has maintained a slim and athletic build throughout his career. As of 2021, he weighs approximately 77 kilograms or 170 pounds. While weight can fluctuate over time, this is the general range in which he has been seen.

Five Interesting Facts about Machine Gun Kelly:
1. Musical Beginnings: Machine Gun Kelly’s passion for music began at a young age, with him teaching himself to play the guitar and drums. He was inspired by various genres, including rap, punk, and rock, which led him to develop his unique musical style.
2. Acting Career: Besides his music, Machine Gun Kelly has ventured into the world of acting. He made his acting debut in the film “Beyond the Lights” in 2014. Since then, he has appeared in movies such as “The Dirt” (2019) and “Project Power” (2020).
3. Personal Struggles: Machine Gun Kelly has been open about his struggles with substance abuse and mental health. He has spoken about his battles with depression and anxiety, using his music as a way to cope and connect with his audience.
4. Tattoo Enthusiast: With over 70 tattoos adorning his body, Machine Gun Kelly is undoubtedly a tattoo enthusiast. Each tattoo holds personal significance, representing various aspects of his life, including his love for music, family, and personal experiences.
5. Philanthropic Efforts: Machine Gun Kelly has shown a commitment to giving back to society. He has been involved in charitable acts, including organizing events to support children’s hospitals and providing aid to communities affected by natural disasters.

Common Questions about Machine Gun Kelly:

1. What is Machine Gun Kelly’s real name?
Machine Gun Kelly’s real name is Colson Baker.

2. How old is he?
Machine Gun Kelly was born on April 22, 1990, making him 31 years old as of 2021.

3. What is his height?
Machine Gun Kelly stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches or 193 centimeters.

4. Is he married?
No, Machine Gun Kelly is not married. However, he has been in relationships in the past.

5. Who is he dating?
Machine Gun Kelly is currently dating actress Megan Fox. The couple started their relationship in 2020.

6. How did he get the name “Machine Gun Kelly”?
Machine Gun Kelly derived his stage name from the infamous American gangster George “Machine Gun” Kelly, known for his involvement in kidnapping and other criminal activities during the Prohibition era.

7. What are some of his hit songs?
Some of Machine Gun Kelly’s hit songs include “Bad Things” featuring Camila Cabello, “Rap Devil,” “Bloody Valentine,” and “My Ex’s Best Friend.”

8. Has he won any awards?
Machine Gun Kelly has received several awards throughout his career, including two MTV Video Music Awards and an MTV Europe Music Award.

9. What are some of his notable film appearances?
Machine Gun Kelly has appeared in movies such as “The Dirt,” where he portrayed Mötley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee, and “Project Power,” alongside Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

10. Does he have any children?
No, Machine Gun Kelly does not have any children.

11. What is his favorite tattoo?
Machine Gun Kelly has mentioned in interviews that his favorite tattoo is a portrait of his daughter’s face, inked on his chest.

12. Has he released any albums?
Yes, Machine Gun Kelly has released several albums, including “Lace Up” (2012), “General Admission” (2015), and “Tickets to My Downfall” (2020).

13. What is his clothing line called?
Machine Gun Kelly has his own clothing line called “XXI.”

14. Is he involved in any philanthropic work?
Yes, Machine Gun Kelly has been involved in various philanthropic efforts, including supporting children’s hospitals and aiding communities affected by natural disasters.

Machine Gun Kelly’s weight, along with his musical talent and captivating personality, has made him a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. As he continues to evolve as an artist and explore new ventures, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this multi-talented star.


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