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Title: Exploring Jennxpenn’s Tattoo Journey: 5 Intriguing Facts Revealed


Jenn McAllister, popularly known as Jennxpenn, is a talented content creator, actress, and YouTuber who has amassed a massive following over the years. While she is widely recognized for her engaging videos and vibrant personality, there is more to Jennxpenn than meets the eye. In this article, we delve into her tattoo journey, uncovering five interesting facts about her inked expressions.

Fact 1: The First Tattoo

Jennxpenn got her very first tattoo at the age of 18, marking her newfound independence as a legal adult. She opted for a small, delicate design – a semicolon symbolizing her support for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The semicolon tattoo is a powerful symbol often chosen by those who have battled mental health issues or have lost loved ones to suicide.

Fact 2: The Meaningful Phrase

In 2016, Jennxpenn decided to get a tattoo that holds deep personal significance. On her left forearm, she has the phrase “Stay Gold” inked in elegant cursive. This expression is a quote from her favorite novel, “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. It serves as a reminder for her to stay true to herself and embrace her unique qualities, no matter the circumstances.

Fact 3: The Sisterly Bond

Jennxpenn shares an unbreakable bond with her sister, Lauren. To honor their special connection, they both got matching tattoos. Located on their ankles, the tattoos feature the word “sister” written in a delicate script. This enduring symbol of sisterhood showcases the love and support they have for each other.

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Fact 4: The Creative Collaboration

Jennxpenn’s passion for creating content extends beyond the digital realm. In collaboration with her good friend and fellow YouTuber, Eva Gutowski (MyLifeAsEva), she designed a limited edition tattoo. The design, featuring a small crescent moon with an accompanying star, was inspired by their shared love for celestial aesthetics. This collaboration allowed fans to get a taste of Jennxpenn’s creativity in a tangible and permanent form.

Fact 5: The Hidden Gem

Jennxpenn possesses a hidden tattoo on her right hip, which remains concealed from the public eye. The nature of the tattoo and its significance have been kept private, allowing her to retain a sense of personal connection to this particular piece of art.

Common Questions about Jennxpenn’s Tattoos:

1. How many tattoos does Jennxpenn have?
Jennxpenn currently has five known tattoos.

2. Does Jennxpenn regret any of her tattoos?
Jennxpenn has not expressed any regrets regarding her tattoos.

3. What inspired Jennxpenn to get her semicolon tattoo?
The semicolon tattoo represents mental health awareness and suicide prevention, causes close to Jennxpenn’s heart.

4. What does the phrase “Stay Gold” mean to Jennxpenn?
The phrase “Stay Gold” is a quote from her favorite novel, serving as a reminder to embrace her true self.

5. How did Jennxpenn and her sister come up with their matching tattoo idea?
Jennxpenn and her sister, Lauren, decided to get matching tattoos to celebrate their unbreakable bond as sisters.

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6. Can fans purchase the limited edition tattoo created by Jennxpenn and Eva Gutowski?
The limited edition tattoo designed by Jennxpenn and Eva Gutowski was available for purchase during its release but is no longer available.

7. Why did Jennxpenn choose to keep one of her tattoos hidden?
The hidden tattoo on Jennxpenn’s right hip holds personal significance, thus she prefers to keep it private.

8. Has Jennxpenn ever considered getting a larger or more elaborate tattoo?
While there is no public record of her considering a larger tattoo, Jennxpenn’s artistic nature may lead her to explore more inked expressions in the future.

9. Does Jennxpenn have any plans to get more tattoos?
Jennxpenn’s future tattoo plans remain unknown, as she has not publicly discussed any specific ideas or intentions.

10. Can fans meet Jennxpenn to see her tattoos in person?
Jennxpenn occasionally attends meet-and-greet events and conventions, providing fans with the opportunity to see her tattoos up close.

11. Are there any specific tattoo artists that Jennxpenn prefers?
Jennxpenn has not mentioned any specific tattoo artists she prefers or has worked with.

12. Have any of Jennxpenn’s tattoos been featured in her videos?
Jennxpenn has showcased her tattoos in various videos, allowing her audience to catch glimpses of her inked expressions.

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13. Does Jennxpenn have any plans to remove or cover up any of her tattoos?
There is no public information regarding Jennxpenn considering tattoo removal or cover-ups.

14. How do Jennxpenn’s tattoos align with her overall persona and message?
Jennxpenn’s tattoos reflect her individuality, personal experiences, and values, serving as a form of self-expression and inspiration for her audience.


Jennxpenn’s tattoos not only adorn her skin but also tell stories of her personal growth, values, and relationships. From supporting mental health awareness to celebrating sisterhood and literary inspirations, each tattoo holds a significant place in her life. As Jennxpenn’s journey continues to unfold, fans eagerly await the possibility of more inked expressions that reflect her evolving identity and passions.


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