How to Gear Up at 110

How to Gear Up at 110: Preparing for New Challenges

Reaching level 110 in any role-playing game is a significant achievement. In World of Warcraft, it marks the beginning of a new chapter in your journey. As you transition from leveling to endgame content, gearing up becomes a top priority. This article will guide you through the process of preparing for new challenges, providing insights into common concerns and questions that players often encounter.

Scenario 1: Freshly dinged 110
You’ve just hit level 110 and are eager to tackle endgame content. However, your gear is still inadequate, and you need to improve it efficiently to progress.

Scenario 2: Returning player
You’ve been away from the game for some time and recently decided to jump back into the action. However, your gear is outdated, and you need to catch up quickly to join your friends in current content.

Scenario 3: Boosted character
You used a character boost to instantly reach level 110. Now you find yourself with minimal gear and need to gear up to be able to tackle endgame challenges.

Scenario 4: Fresh alt
You’ve leveled a new character to 110, but your gear is lacking compared to your main character. You want to gear up your alt to be able to participate in endgame activities.

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Scenario 5: Change of role
You’ve decided to switch roles on your main character, requiring new gear for your chosen specialization. You need to gear up efficiently to be effective in your new role.

To tackle these scenarios and successfully gear up at 110, follow these steps:

1. Complete your class hall campaign: This will unlock various gear and artifact power rewards.

2. Start world quests: World quests provide gear upgrades and other valuable rewards. Focus on completing the ones that offer gear for your specialization.

3. Run dungeons: Regular and heroic dungeons offer gear upgrades and can be easily completed through the Group Finder tool.

4. Join a guild: Guilds often organize group activities, including raids and mythic dungeons, which yield higher-level gear.

5. Participate in PvP activities: PvP gear can be a decent option to quickly boost your item level.

Now, let’s address some common questions players have regarding gearing up at 110:

Q1: Should I spend my resources on gear upgrades or artifact power?
A1: Prioritize artifact power until you reach a decent level. Afterward, focus on gear upgrades.

Q2: Should I do normal or heroic dungeons?
A2: Start with normal dungeons to gear up initially, then progress to heroic dungeons.

Q3: How can I get better gear from world quests?
A3: Complete the Broken Shore questline to unlock higher item level rewards from world quests.

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Q4: Is raiding necessary to gear up?
A4: While raiding offers high-level gear, it is not mandatory. Other activities can also provide adequate gear.

Q5: What is the fastest way to get gear?
A5: A combination of world quests, dungeons, and PvP activities will provide the fastest gear upgrades.

Q6: Should I focus on item level or specific stats?
A6: Prioritize item level initially, but as you progress, consider optimizing stats for your specialization.

Q7: How can I improve my gear through professions?
A7: Crafting professions can create gear upgrades, while gathering professions can provide materials for upgrades.

Q8: Should I use bonus rolls on bosses in dungeons and raids?
A8: Save bonus rolls for higher-level content, such as mythic dungeons or raid bosses.

Q9: Are world bosses worth killing for gear?
A9: Yes, world bosses have a chance to drop high-level gear, making them worth your time.

Q10: Should I buy gear from the auction house?
A10: Purchasing gear from the auction house can be an option, but it is often expensive. Consider other methods first.

Q11: What are the best sources of artifact power?
A11: Completing quests, running dungeons, and participating in world quests are excellent sources of artifact power.

Q12: How can I get better gear for my alt?
A12: Utilize your main character to run dungeons and raids, collecting gear that can be traded to your alt.

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Q13: What should I do after reaching a decent item level?
A13: Focus on mythic dungeons and raids for even better gear upgrades.

With these tips and answers to common questions, you are now ready to embark on your journey to gear up at 110. Remember to enjoy the process and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. Good luck!