How Tall Is Bunny Meyer

Title: How Tall Is Bunny Meyer: Unveiling the Height of a Beloved YouTuber


Bunny Meyer, popularly known as Grav3yardgirl or simply Bunny, is one of the most influential YouTubers in the beauty and lifestyle niche. With her quirky personality, unique style, and infectious enthusiasm, Bunny has captivated millions of viewers worldwide. While her love for makeup, fashion, and all things spooky is well-documented, one curious question that often arises among her fans is: How tall is Bunny Meyer? In this article, we delve into Bunny’s height, along with five interesting facts about this enigmatic YouTube personality.

How tall is Bunny Meyer?

Bunny Meyer stands at an impressive 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm) tall. Her towering height has earned her the nickname “Bunny the Giant” among her fans. Bunny’s statuesque figure has often been a topic of fascination, as it sets her apart from the average height of most women.

Interesting Facts about Bunny Meyer:

1. Early Life and Education:
Bunny Meyer was born on August 3, 1985, in Houston, Texas, making her 36 years old as of now. She attended Texas State University before pursuing a career in YouTube. Bunny’s unique sense of style and her love for all things spooky were evident from an early age, shaping her future content.

2. Rise to YouTube Stardom:
In December 2010, Bunny created her YouTube channel “grav3yardgirl,” where she began posting fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, and product reviews. Her eccentric personality and relatable content quickly gained traction among YouTube viewers, propelling her to stardom. As of now, Bunny has amassed over 8.5 million subscribers and continues to engage her audience with her infectious energy.

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3. The Swamp Family:
Bunny’s dedicated fan base, known as the “Swamp Family,” is an integral part of her success. The term originated from Bunny’s love for the swampy aesthetic, which she often incorporates into her videos. The Swamp Family represents a tight-knit community of viewers who relate to Bunny’s unique perspective and embrace their individuality.

4. Collaboration with Tarte Cosmetics:
Bunny collaborated with Tarte Cosmetics, a renowned beauty brand, to create her own eyeshadow palette called “Swamp Queen.” This collaboration further solidified her influence in the beauty industry, as her palette became highly sought after by beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

5. Transition to Vlogs and Personal Growth:
In recent years, Bunny has transitioned from primarily makeup-centric content to vlogs, home decor, and lifestyle videos. This shift has allowed her audience to get a glimpse into her personal life and witness her growth as an individual. Bunny’s authenticity and candor have endeared her to many, as she fearlessly shares her experiences and challenges with her viewers.

Common Questions about Bunny Meyer:

1. Is Bunny Meyer married?
No, Bunny Meyer is not married. As of now, she is single and focused on her career.

2. Does Bunny have a boyfriend?
Bunny Meyer has kept her dating life private and has not disclosed any information about having a boyfriend.

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3. How much does Bunny Meyer weigh?
Bunny’s weight is not publicly disclosed, as she believes in promoting body positivity and discourages focusing on numbers.

4. Does Bunny have any siblings?
Yes, Bunny Meyer has two sisters, one older and one younger. However, their names and details remain private.

5. What are Bunny’s favorite makeup brands?
Bunny frequently experiments with different makeup brands and does not have a specific favorite. She enjoys trying out new products and sharing her honest opinions with her audience.

6. Does Bunny have any pets?
Yes, Bunny has several pets, including dogs, cats, and reptiles. She often features them in her videos, showcasing her love for animals.

7. What is Bunny’s favorite color?
Bunny has expressed her fondness for the color black. It aligns with her love for gothic, spooky aesthetics.

8. What are Bunny’s other hobbies?
Apart from creating YouTube content, Bunny enjoys thrift shopping, collecting oddities, and exploring abandoned places.

9. Does Bunny have any tattoos?
Yes, Bunny has several tattoos, including a large floral piece on her left arm and a skeleton key on her right wrist.

10. What is Bunny’s net worth?
As of 2021, Bunny Meyer’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, primarily accumulated through her YouTube career and collaborations.

11. Does Bunny have any phobias?
Bunny has openly shared her fear of frogs, which stems from an incident in her childhood that left her traumatized.

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12. What is Bunny’s favorite TV show?
Bunny has mentioned her love for crime documentaries and shows, with “Forensic Files” being one of her favorites.

13. Does Bunny have any medical conditions?
Bunny has publicly discussed her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, aiming to raise awareness and help others going through similar experiences.

14. How does Bunny handle negative comments and criticism?
Bunny believes in embracing positivity and does her best to ignore negativity. She focuses on creating content that resonates with her audience and spreads joy.

In conclusion, Bunny Meyer’s towering height of 6 feet 5 inches and her larger-than-life personality have made her a beloved figure in the YouTube community. With her genuine charm and unique content, Bunny continues to inspire millions, encouraging them to embrace their quirks and celebrate their individuality.


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