How Do You Upgrade Baleful Gear

How Do You Upgrade Baleful Gear: Enhancing Your Character’s Power

Baleful Gear is a popular choice for many players in World of Warcraft as it offers a solid starting point for gearing up your character. However, to maximize its potential, players often wonder how to upgrade this gear. In this article, we will explore various scenarios where upgrading Baleful Gear becomes a concern and provide answers to common questions surrounding this topic.


1. Fresh Level 100: As a newly dinged level 100, Baleful Gear is an ideal starting point to boost your item level and prepare for end-game content.
2. Catching up Alts: If you have multiple characters and want to quickly gear them up, upgrading Baleful Gear can provide a significant boost without relying heavily on RNG drops.
3. Pre-Raid Gear Preparation: When preparing for raids, upgrading Baleful Gear can help bridge the gap between entry-level gear and raid-ready gear.
4. Mythic+ Progression: For players engaging in challenging Mythic+ dungeons, upgrading Baleful Gear can provide a competitive edge by increasing your character’s overall power.
5. PvP Enhancement: Upgrading Baleful Gear is crucial for PvP enthusiasts, as it helps increase your resilience and effectiveness in battlegrounds and arenas.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. How do I obtain Baleful Gear?
Baleful Gear can be acquired through various means, including rare spawns, World Quests, and purchasing tokens from the Timeless Isle vendor.

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2. What is the difference between empowered and non-empowered Baleful Gear?
Empowered Baleful Gear has additional stats and a higher item level compared to non-empowered gear. They can be obtained by upgrading the non-empowered gear with Apexis Crystals.

3. How do I upgrade Baleful Gear?
To upgrade Baleful Gear, you need to visit an Ethereal in Tanaan Jungle. They offer quests that require Apexis Crystals and empowered tokens to upgrade your gear.

4. How can I obtain Apexis Crystals?
Apexis Crystals can be obtained through various activities, such as completing daily quests, rare spawns, and participating in Apexis Crystal Bonus Objectives.

5. Are empowered tokens difficult to obtain?
Empowered tokens can be obtained through various means, including rare spawns, Tanaan Jungle assaults, and the Shipyard missions.

6. Can I upgrade Baleful Gear more than once?
Yes, you can upgrade Baleful Gear up to a maximum of four times, increasing its item level with each upgrade.

7. Can I upgrade Baleful Gear after it has been enchanted or gemmed?
Yes, you can upgrade enchanted or gemmed Baleful Gear without losing your enhancements.

8. Is upgrading Baleful Gear expensive?
While upgrading Baleful Gear does require a significant amount of Apexis Crystals and empowered tokens, it is a cost-effective way to improve your character’s power compared to relying solely on random drops.

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9. Is it worth upgrading Baleful Gear if I plan to replace it soon?
Upgrading Baleful Gear can still be beneficial even if you plan to replace it eventually. The increased item level and stats will help you perform better in the meantime.

10. Can I upgrade non-empowered Baleful Gear directly to the highest level?
No, to fully upgrade your Baleful Gear, you need to upgrade it incrementally by following the questline provided by the Ethereal.

11. What happens to my Baleful Gear if I upgrade it and then replace it?
If you replace your upgraded Baleful Gear with a better item, you can disenchant it for Apexis Crystals.

12. Can I upgrade Baleful Gear obtained from the Black Market Auction House?
No, Baleful Gear obtained from the Black Market Auction House cannot be upgraded.

13. Can I upgrade Baleful Gear obtained from a different character?
No, Baleful Gear is soulbound, meaning it is only upgradable by the character that obtained it.

Upgrading Baleful Gear provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your character’s power, whether you are starting fresh or preparing for challenging content. By following the steps outlined above and considering the scenarios mentioned, you can effectively maximize your character’s potential. Enjoy your journey towards becoming a formidable force in Azeroth!

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