Helen Hayes Height

Helen Hayes Height: A Legendary Actress Who Stood Tall in Hollywood

Helen Hayes, often referred to as the “First Lady of American Theater,” was a legendary actress who left an indelible mark on stage and screen. Standing at a petite height, Hayes proved that talent knows no bounds, captivating audiences with her exceptional performances. In this article, we will explore the height of Helen Hayes, along with five interesting facts about her life and career.

Helen Hayes stood at a mere 5 feet 2 inches tall, but her commanding presence on stage and screen couldn’t be measured by her height alone. Despite her small stature, she possessed a larger-than-life talent that earned her numerous accolades and a permanent place in the hearts of theater enthusiasts.

Now, let’s delve into five intriguing facts about Helen Hayes:

1. Early Start: Born on October 10, 1900, in Washington, D.C., Helen Hayes began her acting journey at a young age. She made her stage debut at just five years old in a production of “Old Dutch” at the Belasco Theater in Washington.

2. Triple Crown of Acting: Hayes achieved something remarkable in her career. She became the first person to win the prestigious Triple Crown of Acting, consisting of an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy. Her Tony awards were particularly notable, winning a total of two for Best Actress in a Play and one for Best Supporting Actress.

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3. Presidential Medal of Freedom: In 1986, Hayes received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States. This recognition highlighted her significant contributions to the arts and her dedication to promoting theater and culture.

4. Longevity in Acting: Helen Hayes enjoyed a remarkable career that spanned seven decades. She continued performing well into her 80s, demonstrating her unwavering passion for the craft. Her final Broadway performance in “The Circle” took place when she was 87 years old.

5. Philanthropic Efforts: Alongside her successful acting career, Hayes was also known for her philanthropic endeavors. She actively supported various causes, including mental health, children’s welfare, and education. For her contributions, she received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 1981 Academy Awards.

Now, let’s address some common questions about Helen Hayes:

1. How tall was Helen Hayes?
Helen Hayes stood at a height of 5 feet 2 inches.

2. When was Helen Hayes born?
Helen Hayes was born on October 10, 1900.

3. What was Helen Hayes’ weight?
Unfortunately, information about Helen Hayes’ weight is not readily available.

4. Did Helen Hayes have a spouse?
Yes, Helen Hayes was married to playwright Charles MacArthur. They tied the knot in 1928 and remained together until MacArthur’s death in 1956.

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5. Did Helen Hayes date anyone after her husband’s passing?
After her husband’s death, Helen Hayes did not remarry or publicly date anyone.

6. How old was Helen Hayes when she made her stage debut?
Helen Hayes made her stage debut at the age of five in a production of “Old Dutch.”

7. What is the Triple Crown of Acting?
The Triple Crown of Acting refers to winning an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy award over the course of a career.

8. How many Tony Awards did Helen Hayes win?
Helen Hayes won a total of three Tony Awards, two for Best Actress in a Play and one for Best Supporting Actress.

9. Did Helen Hayes receive any significant honors?
Yes, Helen Hayes received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1986 for her contributions to the arts.

10. How long was Helen Hayes’ acting career?
Helen Hayes enjoyed a career that spanned seven decades, from her early childhood debut to her final performance in her late 80s.

11. What causes did Helen Hayes support?
Helen Hayes actively supported causes related to mental health, children’s welfare, and education.

12. Did Helen Hayes retire from acting?
Helen Hayes never formally retired from acting. She continued performing well into her 80s and remained involved in the theater community.

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13. When did Helen Hayes pass away?
Helen Hayes passed away on March 17, 1993, at the age of 92.

14. What was Helen Hayes’ last performance?
Helen Hayes’ final Broadway performance was in “The Circle,” which took place when she was 87 years old.

In conclusion, Helen Hayes may have been small in stature, but her talent and achievements were colossal. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches tall, she conquered the stage and screen, becoming an icon in the world of theater. Her remarkable career, philanthropic efforts, and significant honors solidify her legacy as one of the greatest actresses of all time.


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