Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

If you have a family member or friend who is a runner and need some gift ideas-I’ve got you covered!

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1 Medal display

Every Runner wants to show off their hard earned medals! This display is great because it also a section for their bibs, plus they can write in their race times!

2 Gift cards

Runners can always use new running gear! Unless you know exactly what clothing/shoes they want, then a gift card is the way to go! Nike, Lululemon, New Balance, Asics, Brooks, Fleet Feet, Roadrunner Sports (or whatever your local running store is) or Amazon are the best choices!

3 Audible

An Audible gift card is a great idea for runners because it gives them something to listen to while running! And if they need an idea of what book to download, check out my list of motivation running books!

4 Headphones

Speaking of Audible, a new pair of headphones is also a great gift idea! There are a few bluetooth headphones that are popular among runners. Aftershockz are good because they allow you to still hear what’s going on around you. Apple airpods are what I have and I love them! And they work with all cell phones, not just iPhones. These headphones I also love, they stay in my ears well, and sometimes I like having the wire because with the airpods I’m always worried about losing one of the buds! Then my husband has the Jaybirds and he loves them!

5 Bumper sticker

Runners are proud to show off their achievements, but getting the 26.2 bumper sticker means even more if it comes from a loved one. It shows that you are proud of them and also want to show off their achievements! There is also of course the 13.1 sticker!

6 License Plate Frame

Speaking of cars, you could also get the ‘I’d rather be running’ license plate frame!

7 Bracelet

A bracelet with a great running mantra on it is a great idea. They could get one on their own, but receiving a gift like that shows that you believe in them and support them. When they are in their next race and look down at their bracelet, not only will the mantra inspire them, but they will think of the loved one that gave it to them and it will give them that extra push they need. There are bracelets that already have mantras on them, or you could get one custom done.

8 Road ID

A Road ID bracelet is important for runners to wear because when running you don’t usually bring your ID with you. So if the runner is injured and unable to speak, the bracelet has the runners name and emergency contact numbers. I wear one every time I run, and during races just to be safe.

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9 Recovery Sandals

When I’m not wearing running shoes, I’m wearing recovery sandals. These have seriously changed my life. They can be pricey though, which makes them a good gift idea. My two favorite brand are Oofos and Hoka One One. With Oofos I have the sliders as well as the flip flops and I love both. The sliders are good for when it’s colder I wear them inside with socks (not the most fashionable looking, but hey I do what I gotta do). I have the Hoka flip flops and love these ones because they are a bit more firm than the Oofos.

10 Gloves

These are my go to gloves , they keep my hands warm, but not so warm that I get too hot, and have the cellphone touch fingertips. It the weather is really cold outside, I use these as a base layer. But it would have to be really cold for that to be necessary. If your runner needs gear to make running in the rain easier, my blog post shares ideas for what you could get them!

11 Socks

Runners are one of the few people that actually get excited about socks. And there are a lot of different socks you could get them! There’s just your run of the mill running socks which I use on a regular basis, then there’s compression crew socks which I also use on a weekly basis (plus they have fun designs! as seen in the picture on the right), there are compression knee socks (only buy these if you know your runner uses them-not everyone is into them), there are toe socks which help prevent blisters (these are a base layer, your put a regular sock over the toe sock), then there are recovery compression socks! Even if they don’t wear knee high compression socks when running, the recovery ones are a good choice because you wear them when you sleep and they really do work wonders! Just remember that compression socks for running and compression socks for recovery are not the same! It’s bad to wearing compression running socks when sleeping.

12 Foam roller

Foam rollers are a runners best friend! The standard foam roller is a must, but rumble rollers are also great to have.

13 Massage Gun

These are amazing! There are different versions, Theragun is a popular one, but I was told by my chiropractor that the hypervolt is the best. There are also cheaper options, such as this one which is about $250 less than those name brand ones! This is actually the one I have and I love it!

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These are kind of like a using the rumble roller-but 100 time more intense. Using one will help prevent injuries and help with muscle recovery! They are pricey, which again makes them a good special gift item since it’s not something your runner will be going out and just buying for themselves.

14 Compression boots

Speaking of pricey, Rapid Reboot or Normatec compression boots are about $1,000! I thought I would include them anyway. I don’t own a pair, but have used them at cryo centers. They make your legs feel so fresh and relaxed! Because I don’t own a pair I just use them every now and then, but if I had my own I would be using them a number of times throughout the week! Every distance runner would love to have their own pair.

Aside from the popular brands, there are some cheaper versions. These ones looks promising, however they don’t cover the whole leg. There’s ones that heat up, but they wouldn’t be good to use if you have any muscle inflamation going on.

15 Rebounder

I have the Urban rebounder and it is a great form of cross training plus injury prevention! You can read here about the benefits of using a rebounder. There a number of various types of workouts you can do on them, and it has helped me with the IT band injury I had earlier this year.

16 Race bib belt

The bib belt is a great idea for a few reasons, 1) you don’t need to worry about having enough safety pins 2) you don’t have to poke holes in your shirt with said pins 3) if the race starts cold and you will be wearing a top layer, it’s tough because you still want your bib showing. So the belt helps because when you have the second layer on your bib will still show and you can shed your second layer easily!

17 Flip belt

Flip belt is my favorite fuel belt! I use it on almost all mu runs and I have used it for each of my marathons and I love it!

18 Koala Clip

If your runner is a girl, you could get them the Koala Clip. It’s a phone holder they they place in the back of their sports bra. It’s waterproof and doesn’t bounce around! I like using it for shorter runs.

19 Electrolytes

Runners can never have too many electrolyte products! My personal favorites are Nuun and Liquid IV. If you already know what your runners favorite is, then of course go with whatever brand they prefer!

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20 Hydration Pack

wearing my Osprey pack

Speaking of electrolytes, this Osprey pack is the best hydration pack for running! Carries enough water, plus has pocket for your phone, running gels, and anything else you may need to bring! Just make sure you get the appropriate size for your runner.

21 GPS watch

If your runner doesn’t have a GPS watch, this is a must. I’m not exaggerating when I say that a running watch changed my life! It kicked my running up to a whole new level. If they do already have one-I’m sure they wouldn’t say no to an upgrade! The Garmin Fenix 6S is one of their later models and it looks amazing. You could also go with a previous Garmin Fenix model and they’re also fantastic.

If you want to go the Fitbit route, I would recommend the latest Fitbit Ionic. For the most part, runners tend to go with Garmin. But basically you want to make sure you get a fitness watch that comes with built in GPS/GLONASS.

22 Training Journal

This is a super cute training journal I use and I love it! Someone who is a runner, or just someone who works out (or wants to start working out) would love this useful, fun gift! It is girly, so if you want a training journal for a guy, then this one would be a better choice

23 Dunder Mifflin 5k Shirt

If your runner is a fan of The Office, then this shirt would be a funny gift they would get a kick out of. And they would probably wear it for their next 5k!

If you want to find deals on running gifts, check out how to find cheap running shoes and other run gear. I also have a post on the best gadgets for runners. Hope this post helped! If you buy anything from here, let me know how your runner liked it! 🙂


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