Best Stability Running Shoes

Stability shoes are for those whose feet tend to overpronate. Which means your foot rolls inward as you run. At most local running stores you can run on their treadmill and they will analyze your gait and tell you if a stability shoe, or a neutral shoe is the right option.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3-$125

I wore these shoes all the beginning of this year for long runs, and I wore them for the SLC marathon. On a 22 mile training run, when I was in the 21st mile I was feeling incredibly tired, however my feet still felt great! It reminded me of the episode of Seinfeld when Elaine is wearing the Himalayan walking shoes, “Ohhh, I’m exhausted. I’ve been on this street a thousand times. It’s never looked so strange… My back aches…my heart aches…but my feet…my feet are resilient! Thank God I took off my heels, and put on my [Fresh Foam Vongo V3’s]!”

I do wear the Foot Chair insole with these. I have yet to find a shoe that has arches that hold up all on their own when I run long. I’m still on the search. I would love to find a pair that don’t need the insoles just because the insoles aren’t especially comfy and they seem to add a bit of extra weight. I’ll choose that over have sore arches after a run though.

Hoka One One Ahari-$130

I wanted these to be my new marathon shoes, however I wore them for a 16 miler and the arch support wasn’t enough so I would need to put an insole in them. Aside from that, they are supportive and comfortable. Hoka is known for having bulky shoes, but I these look good and aren’t over the top.

Mizuno Wave Inspire$130.00

I love these shoes! They are so comfy! The longest run I wore them on was 12 miles, the only reason I didn’t run in them longer was because on long runs I wear the Injiji toe sock liner to prevent blisters, plus the compression ankle sleeve. So those plus the socks, made it a bit too thick and the Mizuno’s I bought were a bit tight with the extra layers. It has good arch support and a variety of colors. It’s about the average running shoe price, and I think it’s worth it. I’ll be buying a second pair of Mizuno’s soon.

Newtons Motion 8-$175

I’ve been wanting to try Newtons for a while, you can pretty much only buy them online and they are really pricey so it took me some time before committing. These are the most unique shoes I’ve worn because of the ‘lugs’. It’s like you have something under your foot on certain areas, one of which are just below the ball of your foot which feels weird. I’m still getting used to them, and have only ran in the on runs about 6 miles. The lugs are supposed to help propel you, and make you faster, they just take some getting used to. They also don’t provide as much arch support as I hoped they would.

I really want to make them work out for me, considering they were almost $200! They have nice cushioning, without going overboard. The color is nice, however I wish more options were available. I’m not totally sold on Newtons, but who knows, maybe down the road you’ll end up seeing a post about how I adjusted to them and now love them-that’s what I’m hoping happens.

Do you need stability shoes? Which ones have been your favorite?

I try a lot of shoes, so stay tuned as I update you about new shoes I test out!