Best Running Skirts with Compression Shorts

A running skirt brings a bit of a feminine touch to typical running shorts. In addition to a cute look, many running skirts come with extras, such as pockets, UV protection, and reflective material. In fact, running skirts come in a variety of looks, and they offer a variety of features to make running appealing, comfortable, and fun.

1. Naviskin Women’s Running Skort

The athletic skort from Naviskin is comprised of a soft and breathable material that features sweat-wicking technology to ensure you remain dry and cool no matter the running activity you enjoy. In fact, this skort will meet your needs whether you are out for a quick run or training for a marathon. Additionally, the wide waistband is elastic and includes an internal tightening string, which ensures a comfortable and customized fit.


– reflective material
– cable hole for headphones
– moisture wicking
– two pockets
– multiple colors

2. Anteef Running Stretch Skort

This running skort features a triangular gusset that is comprised of two layers, which prevent the skort from riding up or pinching. You will also enjoy a greater range of motion as the outer skirt provides ample ability to stretch in four different directions. In terms of the inner layer, these compression shorts are made of a fabric that prevents chafing.

For maximum protection against the sun’s harmful rays, this skort from Anteef includes protection at a level of UPF 50. Additionally, even on the hottest runs, you will remain cool due to the high-quality fabric that wicks sweat away from your body.


– pleated
– resists wrinkles
– active yet casual style
– lightweight
– includes a pocket for essentials

3. SLS3 Women’s Running Skirt with Shorts

If you are looking for an exceptionally comfortable running skort, you should consider one from SLS3. For instance, you will not be bothered by scratchy seams, and the material is very lightweight, ensuring you remain comfortable even on your long run days.

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The built-in compression shorts fit snuggly and include an inseam that measures 4.5 inches. Due to this inseam, you do not need to worry about bunching. When it comes to sweating, you need not worry as the Speedwick technology expertly removes any moisture from your skin, keeping your dry and feeling cool.


– available in three patterns
– flatlock seams
– fabric stretches in any direction
– side pocket
– back pocket with zipper

4. TSLA Women’s Running Skort

The women’s running skort from TSLA ensures you never feel restricted as this fabric is extremely elastic. Additionally, the design allows for increased movement compared to other running skorts. In terms of staying dry and fresh smelling, you will enjoy the excellent moisture wicking as well as the anti-odor technology included in this skort.


– numerous colors available
– pockets on skirt
– hidden pocket on compression shorts
– two-way air circulation

5. SEVEGO Women’s Active Running Skirt

Sevego has designed a running skort that provides a clean, classic look that delivers on comfort and functionality. For instance, the fabric allows air to circulate as the lightweight material never distracts you from your run.

Moreover, even on the hottest days, you can be sure your skort will dry quickly, keeping you cool and comfortable. Finally, you can customize the fit via the adjustable waistband and be sure that this skort will not slide or slip while you are running. In terms of function, you can quickly slip this skort on and place your phone and other essentials in the two pockets and zip them closed.

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– adjustable waistband
– moisture wicking
– provides full range of motion
– flat waistband reduces friction

6. Skirt Sports

Skirt Sports offers a wide range of skorts with fun patterns and solid colors, allowing you to find the exact right look for your run. In addition to the unbeatable variety this company offers, you will also appreciate the extra features these skorts include. For example, there are side slits that allow you to move more freely compared to a pencil skirt. The compression shorts come with a substantial inseam, which will help protect you from chafing.


– two pockets
– cable port for headphones
– draw cord for perfect fit

7. Sport-it Skort

If you have been unsuccessful in your search for a running skirt that flatters your body, you should give the skort from Sport-it a serious consideration. For example, no matter your body type, the high-waisted band design from Sport-it ensures you will never look like a muffin top. Additionally, the skort’s design helps to smooth out your lines whether you are petite or curvy.

However, beyond the great look this running skirt provides, you will enjoy the unique pocket that allows 360 degrees of access via the two inner slits located in the front of the skirt.


– flatlock seams
– flatters all body shapes
– headphone port
– two pockets located in shorts

8. birbyrrly Pleated Running Skort

This pleated running skirt is a cute option that also delivers on performance and functionality. When it comes to performance, the stretchable fabric allows you the freedom of movement you need to meet your running goals. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable. In terms of functionality, you can adjust the drawstring for the right fit and store your valuables in the hidden side pocket.

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– four-way stretch skirt
– pleated skirt
– resists wrinkles

9. Dona Jo Official Ultimate Running Skirt

In addition to having bright patterns that exude fun, Dona Jo running skirts are made from an eco-friendly fabric. This form-fitting skirt is also breathable and is extremely smooth to the touch. Finally, you will enjoy protection from the sun with the included UVB protection built within the fabric.


– easy wash and care
– recyclable
– five-way stretch
– sustainable manufacturing

Top pick

It is clear that there are a lot of high-quality running skirts to choose from, making the choice of a top pick a bit of a challenge. However, Dona Jo attains the spot of top pick due to the enjoyable fact that their running skirt fits well on all body types. They come is unique, fun colors, are a bit longer in length, and are comfy!


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