Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

The shoes I talk about here are also mentioned in posts both about stability and neutral shoes. I used to think that stability shoes would have the best arch support, so I would try to buy those. Most of them are stability, but that doesn’t mean neutral shoes are never the answer. For those interested, in this post I wrote which of the shoes I tried are considered stability, or neutral.

I have flat feet and even these shoes I have listed as having the best arch support, don’t compare to shoes with the foot chair insole. Having Accessory Navicular Syndrome, I need pretty serious arch support. If you also need serious arch support for long runs, go with an insole. Having said that, here’s the shoes that have had the best arch support for flat feet!

These first three shoes are the ones that I own. The wrote which edition of the shoe I have, newer and older editions should be similar. Of course companies tend to make changes in newer editions, but they should stay true to the purpose of that shoe.

Hoka One One Ahari 3-stability ~130.00

In true Hoka style, these are very cushy. They have all sorts of fun colors and are durable shoes. For me, the arch support is good for runs about 14 miles and under. When buying Hokas, I buy a half size smaller than I normally would for running shoes.

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Mizuno Wave 14-stabilty ~$100.00

There is an updated edition of this shoe, so if you buy that one it will be able $150. FYI-a good way to save money on shoes is to go on Amazon and buy the older editions.

These ones are so comfy while also feeling so supportive! This is a brand I had never even heard of until I started running, I’m glad I tried a pair! I think these could be worn on longer runs, and maybe even a full marathon! I wore them on a 12 mile run and they did great, they were just a little too tight when matched with the thicker socks I wore for that run.

Brooks glycerine 17-neutral $150

I was really impressed with these ones! It made me want to try other Brooks. These also may be a bit lighter than the previous two. I’m running a half marathon in July and I think I’ll wear these ones for it! And these ones are actually neutral shoes! So goes to show that stability isn’t always the answer for arch support.

After I made this list and saw that I felt like out of all the shoes I’ve tried, only three I considered to be good for flat feet surprised me. I guess it came to a point where I was tired of trying to find ones that worked well, and simply bought ones I liked and just put the insole in them in order to make them work.

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However, I want to show more options here for fellow flat footers who are tired of needing insoles. So here are some good options according to the internet.

Saucony Guide ISO-stability-$120

Overall people seem to praise the arch support in these shoes. From Saucony I’ve only tried the Kinevera. Those had no arch support, but other than that I loved them. If these are as good as Kinevera but with better arches they’re worth a try.

A promising review: “This is my third pair of Guides. I’ve tried other running shoes, but nothing gives me the fit and support these do… If you’re looking for a shoe with good support and a little offset, this could be the shoe for you.”

Asics Gel Keyano-stability-$125

I’ve tried Asics twice. Both times I bought them online, tried them on once they came in. Decided I didn’t like them and returned them. I haven’t tried the Keyano though, maybe third times the charm?

Here’s what one customer says, “Fleet Feet actually recemmended Asics Gel Kayano 25 shoes. This is my second pair, and I was hooked after after my complaints using Nike’s would cause my knees to swell and blow out by my 6th mile in my morning runs, on top of shin splints… which is not the case with Asics Kayano 25! Great arch and stride support to help correct and support your natural strides and arch, and the “Lite” reflective model looks great! Most comfortable running shoe I’ve ever owned!”

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Brooks PureCadence-stability 7-$100-$150

I actually looked into getting these but ended up going with the Glycerine instead. These do look very promising though and I may give them a go in the future.

One reviewer said, “I’ve always been a Nike fan until the sales girl at Foot Locker told me to give Brooks a try. I am sold! They are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever had on my foot! I felt like I was wearing nothing but socks on my walk. Fantastic support for my flat arches and it seemed to align my whole body. Priceless! Not to mention cute too!”

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Do you have flat feet? What shoes are your go to? Any tips for flat footed runners?