Best Cushioned Running Shoes for Bad Knees

People love to talk about how running is bad for your knees, but in truth, it actually isn’t bad. Runners are less likely to have injuries such as osteoarthritis, which is when your bones start to disgenerate, which can happen with your knees. If you have knee pain when running, this is because you either don’t have enough glute strength, or you have hip/IT band issues. Those are the main two at least. Neither one is due to the running, it’s due to misalignment, and being weak in other parts of your body.

However, if you have pre-existing knee problems, these are the best shoes for you. Just don’t rely soley on the shoes, make sure you do your part to strength your body and keep yourself aligned.

  1. ASICS Gt-2000 9

If you experience knee pain as a result of landing hard on your heels while ruining, you should consider the Gt-2000 9 from ASICS. For instance, this shoe is designed to include additional cushioning at the heel of the shoe via GEL technology, which expertly decreases the shock that occurs during impact.

Additionally, this shoe incorporates the DuoMax system, which delivers superior stability and support, ensuring your knees remain protected from any sudden change in terrain. Finally, you will enjoy the FlyteFoam technology that provides extraordinary responsiveness regardless of the length of your run.


  • superior support for heel strikers
  • midsole system provides enhanced stability
  • lightweight


  • might not fit a wider foot
  1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Whether you come down hard on your heels or suffer from overpronation, these running shoes will help protect your knees. For instance, the exclusive DNA Loft provides a cushiony ride from your toes to your heels while the incredibly responsive foam ensures your stride remains smooth whether you are at the gym or on the road.

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However, the most intriguing aspect of this shoe is the inclusion of the patented GuideRails. This unique design helps keep your feet correctly positioned within the shoe, providing optimal balance no matter the surface you are running on.


  • soft support
  • cushioning is energizing
  • adapts to your distinct stride


  • toe box might be narrow for some users
  1. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Trail

An extremely comfortable and supportive shoe, the Gel-Venture shoe from ASICS is a highly affordable choice for trail running. If you love to run outside, you will benefit from the GEL technology and the midsole comprised of EVA.

For additional cushion, the ORTHOLITE liners gradually adjust to the particular shape of your feet. Finally, the outsole is highly durable and includes trail-specific lugs.


  • GEL cushioning
  • moisture management
  • breathable


  • weak laces
  1. Brooks Dyad 11

Whether you use a prescription orthotic or one from a drugstore, this shoe is specifically designed with more forefoot room to allow the inclusion of an orthotic. Additionally, the propriety cushioning expertly adapts to your specific weight and stride, delivering superior impact protection for your joints.


  • liner for extra cushion
  • stable performance
  • upper mesh is breathable


  • heavier feel
  1. Brooks Ghost 13

This shoe will match any runner’s wardrobe, and it is designed to ensure your feet cause you no distractions. For instance, the outer casing has nearly no seams, which will keep your outer toe joints from becoming pained or chafed as you run. The cushioning is known as neutral, which is designed for a wide variety of terrain, such as trails, asphalt, or sidewalks. The most impressive aspect of this shoe is the crash pad, which works as a set of shock absorbers for your heels, arches, and balls of your feet.

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  • incorporates a crash pad for extra support
  • seamless design
  • soft mesh for comfort
  • available for narrow or wide feet


  • no loop on back heel to help you pull the shoe up
  1. Saucony Guide 13

Saucony delivers a superior running shoe, which is based on technology known as structured cushioning. For runners, structured cushioning is designed to fit specific pressure points along the soles of your feet. As such, your feet will receive upward support against common pressure points with each downward step. Additionally, your toes will receive support as they bend on the push-off.

  • cushioning for specific parts of your feet
  • lightweight
  • breathable mesh


  • some people might not like the bright colors
  • not available in many wide sizes
  1. New Balance 860v11

This classic runner’s shoe exceeds all safety expectations that new or experienced runners will have. For instance, the outsole is known as blown rubber, so it will remain durable across rocky terrain. In terms of balance and stability, the posts protect your ankles against twisting.

Because you do not want to have sweaty feet, which can lead to blisters or callouses, the mesh fabric ensures your feet have enough air to prevent excess moisture. Finally, the midsole consists of sturdy cushioning to help support your arch as you pound the pavement or a rocky trail.

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  • classic look
  • sturdy midsole
  • breathable fabric


  • not available in some sizes for narrow feet
  1. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

This phenomenal shoe by Nike provides runners infinite protection against pain and injury because of the cushioned sole, the canvas body, and the high-reach heel. The sole measures nearly two-inches thick and consists of a durable foam that is able to absorb and dispel the energy built up during running. Moreover, the sole has a very wide footprint, which means it can help you maintain balance because there is very little danger of a side twist as you run.


  • wide
  • thick cushion
  • heel loops


  • no air pockets
  • convex sole shape might be uncomfortable for beginning runners


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