9 Things to Make Running in the Rain Easier

The first day of fall has arrived! And with it, the start of the rainy season! Never fear, I spent three winter months in Portland, OR where 9 days out of 10 it was rainy. While living there I was training for the SLC marathon and was running 200 mile months, with a peak week of 63 miles! I’ve tried a number of items to help make running in the rain easier. Here is a list of my favorite rain gear and some helpful tips!

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1 Gore-Tex hat

Gore-Tex has a lot of amazing products. My husband has a Gore-Tex windbreaker which he bought when we lived in Portland and it worked amazing! It’s thin, yet it still helped keep him warm when it was really windy, and it is truly waterproof! The drops just slip right off!

Gore-Tex however is expensive. I had already purchased a water-resistant wind breaker and didn’t want to spend more money. I did decide to get the Gore-Tex hat which I love. Like I said with the windbreaker, it is truly water proof! I chose the neon yellow one, so I would be even more visible while running in rainy Oregon.

2 Nike jacket

This one isn’t quite as water resistant as the Gore-Tex, but I really like the fit and it does the job! It is also a bit cheaper than Gore-Tex products. I wore it many a time in heavy rain and it served me well! When running, you want something to keep you somewhat warm, but not too much because your body will be heating up as you run-this one was great!

3 Lightweight, water resistant windbreaker

This one isn’t especially water resistant, so I wear it when there is light rain and when it’s not very chilly out. It’s good when you need something very lightweight when there is a slight drizzle. I also love it because it is so light, if I take it off and tie is around my waist, I hardly notice it’s there!

4 New Balance gloves

These don’t keep your hand totally dry, but they were my absolute favorite gloves last winter. Whether I was running in the snow in Utah, or in rainy Portland. They keep your hands warm, but don’t make them hot. Really the perfect thickness and materiel!

5 Protect your phone

If you are bringing your phone with you, don’t forget to either stash it in a water proof pocket, or in a baggie! If you have the Koala Clip you can use that in the rain as well since it is water proof!

6 Change clothes right away

When coming home wet, be sure and change out of your clothes and into dry ones right away! I would also let my hair down and dry it before putting it back up. I should clarify that after running I would then go to the gym, so I didn’t want to shower and dress in my everyday clothes yet. If you aren’t doing any other workouts after running, then of course just take a hot shower right after!

7 Enjoy it!

There was one day in particular, where it was raining especially hard. I was running down Knott Street, then up 33rd and turned right on Freemont. Freemont has a lot of stores, coffee shops and restaurants, and I must say I feel pretty bada** as people looked and saw me running in pouring rain. Rather than seeing the weather and dreading having to go out in it, try and change your mindset and find something fun about it. Or see it as a new challenge!

8 Check the weather in advance

Even if you have a positive attitude about the rain, it doesn’t hurt to check the weekly forecast in advance and base your training around it. If it was raining all day Saturday, but Thursday was just cloudy, then I would do my long run on Thursday instead. This can be tricky depending on your work schedule though.

9 Embrace the treadmill

I never ran on the treadmill due to rain, however it did snow about three times while we were in Portland. In Utah if it snows they clear the sidewalks and salt the roads and paths so you can still get around. In Portland they don’t clear the roads or sidewalks, or put salt down! It stays icy and slippery until it melts on its own. On those days, rather than risk falling, I ran on the treadmill. In the past, I dreaded running even a few miles on the treadmill. In Portland I learned to have a better attitude towards that as well. Rather than feel annoyed, I focused on feeling grateful that there was a treadmill that I could use and that I could even run at all! My longest run on a treadmill was 8 miles. I know runners that have ran 20 miles! But for me, running 8 treadmill miles was an accomplishment!

Hope this helps my fellow runners out there! If you want to read more about my time in Portland, check out the best restaurants in Portland, as well as my favorite running routes in Portland!

What’s something that has helped you run in the rain? Any Portlander runners reading this?


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