700 Calories a Day How Much Weight Will I Lose

700 Calories a Day: How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Losing weight is a common goal for many individuals, and finding the most effective and sustainable way to do so can be a challenge. One approach that has gained popularity is the concept of drastically reducing caloric intake, such as consuming only 700 calories a day. This article aims to explore how much weight you might expect to lose by following such a restricted diet and address some frequently asked questions.

How Does a 700-Calorie Diet Work?

A 700-calorie diet involves severely restricting your daily caloric intake to only 700 calories. This is significantly lower than the average recommended daily caloric intake, which is around 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men. By consuming fewer calories than your body needs to sustain its current weight, you create a caloric deficit, leading to weight loss over time.

How Much Weight Will I Lose on a 700-Calorie Diet?

The amount of weight you’ll lose on a 700-calorie diet depends on various factors, including your current weight, height, age, gender, and activity level. Generally, a pound of body weight is equivalent to approximately 3500 calories. Therefore, to lose one pound per week, you would need to create a caloric deficit of about 3500 calories. With a 700-calorie diet, you would be creating a deficit of around 1400 calories per day, leading to a weight loss of approximately two pounds per week.

It is important to note that losing weight at such a rapid pace may not be sustainable or healthy in the long run. Rapid weight loss can result in muscle loss, nutrient deficiencies, and a slower metabolism, making it harder to maintain weight loss in the future.


1. Is a 700-calorie diet safe?
While a 700-calorie diet may lead to rapid weight loss, it is not recommended for long-term use or without medical supervision. It may lack essential nutrients and could potentially harm your overall health.

2. Can I exercise while on a 700-calorie diet?
Engaging in physical activity is essential for overall health and well-being. However, it may be challenging to sustain high-intensity workouts on a 700-calorie diet due to limited energy availability. It is crucial to listen to your body and consult a healthcare professional before starting any exercise routine.

3. Will I lose only fat on a 700-calorie diet?
Weight loss on a 700-calorie diet will likely include a combination of fat, muscle, and water weight. The body may break down muscle tissue for energy when calorie intake is severely restricted.

4. How long can I follow a 700-calorie diet?
Due to the potential risks associated with very low-calorie diets, it is recommended to follow them for a short duration under medical supervision. Long-term sustainable weight loss should focus on gradual, healthy lifestyle changes.

5. Are there alternatives to a 700-calorie diet?
For safe and effective weight loss, it is generally recommended to follow a balanced diet that provides adequate nutrients while creating a moderate caloric deficit. Consulting a registered dietitian or nutritionist can help you develop a personalized plan that suits your needs and goals.

In conclusion, a 700-calorie diet can result in rapid weight loss, but it is not without risks. It is essential to prioritize your overall health and well-being when considering any drastic dietary changes. Consulting a healthcare professional is always advisable before embarking on any significant weight loss journey. Remember, sustainable and healthy weight loss involves a balanced approach that includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, and lifestyle modifications.


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