19 Health Benefits of Running

1.Body releases endorphins-Endorphins make you feel happy and and reduces the feeling of pain-aka a runners high!

2. Wakes you up and helps you be more productive-Running will wake you up in the morning, or if you do it later in the day it’ll give you second wind! Because you will be more awake, alert, and energized, you will therefore be more productive!

3. Better mood, more positive-If you start running consistently, you won’t only just have the temporary endorphin rush, but you will become a happier and more positive person.

4. Become a problem solver-Running helps you to not get overly stressed about problems, but instead helps you find ways to solve them

5. Motivates you to eat better-When you are treating your body better by exercising, you also become more motivated to treat it better by eating healthier. Once you’ve been running for a bit, your brain switches from “I run to eat” to “I eat to run”. It will also inevitably help you drink less, if you have to be up early Saturday for your run you won’t be out late partying on Friday.

6. Prevents heart disease-Running helps get the blood pumping and reduces risk or blood clots, strengthens your heart, and leads to healthy blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

7. Prevents diabetes-Running helps you stay in shape, which prevents type 2 diabetes.

8. Strengthens your immune system- Running helps circulate protective blood cells, and aids in the elimination of bacteria.

9. Strengthens joints-“When you exercise, the cartilage in your hips, knees, and ankles compresses and expands. This draws in oxygen and flushes out waste products, nourishing and keeping the cartilage healthy. Without exercise, cartilage cells get weak and sick.”-Runner’s World Magazine

10. Sunshine from running outside- The vitamin D from the sun strengthens bones, preventing osteoporosis. Plus being out in the fresh air and in the sun also helps you be in a better mood.

11. Gives you confidence-After running just once, you will feel better about yourself. If you have a consistent exercise routine, it will give you a confidence that will reflect through all aspects of life. Also, when you push yourself and achieve things in running you hadn’t thought possible, it gives you the confidence to achieve things outside of running as well.

12. Relieves stress-While running, if you think through the things that are worrying you, you will be able to do so with a clear head. When you’re stressed your body becomes tense, so not only does running clear the mind, but it also loosens up your body.

13. Helps with depression-The endorphins released while running, along with fresh air, sunshine and just the feeling of getting out and moving can help relieve depression. It’s not a 100% cure, but it definitely helps.

14. Helps blood sugar levels– “Your muscles use more glucose, the sugar in your blood stream. Over time, this can lower your blood sugar levels. It also makes the insulin in your body work better”-WebMD

15. Boosts metabolism, which helps you loose weight-Not only do you burn calories while running, your metabolism increases which causes you to continue burning calories for hours after having worked out.

16. Sleep better-By living a more active lifestyle, you fall asleep easier, and get more quality sleep. Just for an example, when someone drinks alcohol they may think that helps them sleep better. However, you don’t get the REM sleep that is required to feel rested and fresh the next day. Not all sleep is created equal, sleeping after an active day is the best!

17. Live a happier life-Living a healthy life gives you long lasting happiness in life and a greater fulfillment. There is a joy that comes from using your body for good and seeing what it is capable of!

18. Helps you become more focused, and improves memory and learning-Running increases the growth of certain brain cells which help your memory, as well as helping you become a quick learner! Read about it here!

19. Help you live longer-Due to the benefits above, you will live longer because your body and mind will be stronger and able to fight off diseases!

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