10 Things to Know About the Tucson Marathon

We are just a few months away from the Tucson Marathon! I ran it in 2019 and I ended up not being totally prepared and hit the wall hard due to dehydration. This race however still holds my current PR. It’s also one of my favorite race medals I’ve received!

If you are signed up, or thinking of signing up, here are some things to know about the race!

1. It will be hot.

It may take place in winter, but it’s Arizona so be prepared for heat and an intense sun. The start line will be chilly, but an hour or two in, and you’ll be glad you wore the tank top/visor/sun glasses!

2. Not especially scenic

The scenery isn’t anything special. A lot of the race is literally on the shoulder of a road. If you like running races as a way to see some cool views-this one doesn’t really have any to offer.

3. Stay at the host hotel!

Staying at the host hotel logistics a piece of cake! I definitely recommend staying at the El Conquistador Hilton-the expo is held there, then in the morning the bus to take you to the start is right outside They also offered coffee and breakfast items before getting on the bus! Plus, the hotel is also just a really nice place with a great restaurant.

4. No long lines!

You won’t have to wait in line for a port-a-potty. When you’ve done a race with thousands of runners, you know what an annoyance it is to wait in line for the bathroom at the beginning of the race. No need to worry about that here! It’s wonderful!

5. Minimal crowd support

Not much crowd support. This race doesn’t bring many spectators out. So, if that’s something you feel you need to carry you on throughout a race-maybe go with the Rock’n’Roll race in Phoenix the month after.

6. Fast course

Not many hills. There are very few hills in this race-so it’s a great chance to snag a PR!

7. Easy finish line to maneuver

Finish line is easy to get around. Again, another perk to running a smaller race. The finish line isn’t a huge crowd that’s difficult to get around. Your family and friends will be able to easily be right there as you cross the line and you can easily find each other.

8. Not the easiest logistics for spectators

Getting to the finish isn’t super convenient. For your family and friends, getting to the finish isn’t the easiest. You have to drive to a school campus and park there then take a bus to the finish. Then after you take a bus back to the school to get your car. Not a huge deal, but too bad you can’t just park at the finish.

9. Great aid stations!

Great aid stations. The volunteers were great, and I never had any problem getting what I needed!

10. Great reason to visit Arizona

Great reason to visit Arizona! I’ll be honest, Tucson isn’t my favorite city, however Arizona is a beautiful state and has some areas that are definitely worth checking out. While visiting Arizona-why not run a race while you’re there?? This one is cheaper than the RnR, and it takes place on a Saturday rather than a Sunday which is nice.

I hope this helps anyone out there contemplating a winter race! I may actually be running it this year as well, but it hasn’t been totally determined yet. You can check out my Tucson Marathon recap if you want to know all the details of how my race went! Or click here if you are wondering what it takes to run a marathon or check out this post if you need some running tips for beginners!


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